E-Commerce Warning!

E-Commerce operates on and through communications networks, principally the Internet. Therefore, safeguarding the integrity of Web sites and its associated software and data is critical. Malicious or opportunistic damage may occur if the network safeguards fail to prevent unauthorised access to your corporate network, when it will be open up for Web based e-commerce. If the network access controls the Web server are poor, the site may be subject to unauthorised access ('hacked'), leading to theft (e.g. of credit card numbers) or corruption of data.

Since the spread of the Internet, the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinary. It made the selling and buying of products or services accesible to all people in different parts of the world. Although e-commerce brought profit to certain business organizations, I feel pity for those companies who spend millions just to make their business global but then at the end it will be there downfall. It is okay to apply innovations especially when it comes to technology but then we should alaways keep in mind that nothing is safe in the Internet, everybody and anybody can gain access to your datas. We should always be careful in sending our personal datas in the world wide web.