Hot Job!

Are you a gifted web developer and looking for a challenge? Then, here’s the deal for you. IT and Telecommunications Companies are looking for talented web developers who are eager to learn and who are specifically engaged in the development of World Wide Web applications. They are looking for professionals who have excellent ability in XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript; developing and extending the PHP + MySQL site management system, knowledgeable of Photoshop/ Dreamweaver applications, has commercial experience in developing & maintaining e-commerce transactional based web sites. You should also have good verbal and written communication skills and also knows how to communicate equally, effectively and confidently with IT and business staff and produce excellent documentation. You should also be enthusiastic in researching for new technologies and applying them to business problems and always finding ways to improve technology.

If you have these abilities and skills, then here are the possible companies you can apply online. Just follow the links.

1. Finite IT Recruitement Solutions

2. Sapphire Technologies

3. Gemteq Executive Tailored Recruitement Solutions