Is it really reasonable to take away your own life because of failure in love or relationships? That was the question that bugged me after I heard the news from my friend, that one of her colleagues in mountaineering club was found dead in his apartment. After his girlfriend dumped him, he hanged himself. I was really shocked by the news, I can't imagine someone with the same age as me, will take away his own life because of failure in love. I thought of, how did the parents reacted? What did the girlfriend feel after seeing her dead ex-boyfriend? I really feel so sad for the guy, for the parents and for the girl.

I really feel sorry for the guy because he so young to be madly in love with the girl and besides there are so many girls in the world. But, we can't also blame him. Maybe he was truly in love with the girl. Also I pity the girl who dumped him. She will probably take that in her conscience for the rest of her life that if she did not dumped him, and did not find another guy then maybe he was still alive 'til now. Lastly, I really feel so sorry for the parents of the guy. It is so hard to accept the fact that your son/daughter is gone already and the mere fact that he took away his own life will crash the hearts of every parents.

Irene's Birthday

It was a Sunday morning of July 20 when we had our CS SportsFest and also it was Irene's birthday - one my closest friends in Ateneo. Unluckily I haven't had the chance to play games because I was not feeling very well. After couple of games we decided to have our lunch at the mall. Irene bought a cake and we ate at Chowking. It was just a small celebration with our friends Gie, Ingrid, Alyssa, Irene and Bem, but an enjoyable and unforgettable one. I always enjoy being with friends and share lots of laughter and funny moments with them.

Paint Ball with YFC Ateneo.

I always hear people say that paintball nowadays is one of the most exciting sports to try. Well the most obvious thing to do to prove it is to try it myself. Luckily, my friend Irene, invited me to join her and some of the Youth For Christ (YFC) in Ateneo to go paintball in Matina Town Square or most commonly known as MTS. The game was composed of two batches. The first batch was the boys. While the guys were playing I felt a little nervous, the gun was a little bit heavy and the bullet was hard. When it was our turn to play, I was hit in the head. It hurt a lot, my head was covered by orange paint. After the game, we went to McDo to have our dinner. With that experience I can really tell that paintball is an exciting game to try and it can be addictive too and it is always enjoyable to try new things with new found friends.

My Summer Escapade 2008

I thought my summer vacation would be over without enjoying it to the fullest. I was so depressed back then because our planned beach outing with my classmates was postponed. Then I decided to go home in our province and invite my high school friends to have an out of town outing. Luckily, they responded positively. After days of planning and preparing, with my friends Phoebe, Mylene, Therese, Queenie, Dawn, Maiza, Richelle, Jestoni, Charles and Victor we went to Lake Agco. It is located in Kidapawan, North Cotabato, roughly 40 minutes of travel from the national road. Though it is quite far but still the place pays it all. There you will enjoy staying in a natural sauna and a very cold pool, and enjoy the scenic view of Lake Agco and Mt. Apo - the heighest peak in the Philippines. Here are our very cute pictures. hehe.

Mt. Apo in the background.

Enjoying the hot sauna.

Avoid Wrinkles

What you can do

  • Don't smoke; moderate your alcohol intake.
  • Avoid stress and learn to relax.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.

The first visible signs of ageing usually appear on the face as wrinkles and shadows under the eyes. There may also be swelling and reddening of the upper eyelids.


Wrinkles are due to the loss of elasticity in the skin that occurs with age. Premature wrinkling can be caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

The first lines to appear are usually 'crows'-feet', more generously termed 'laughter lines', which occur at the corners of the eyes as a result of repeatedly contracting the facial muscles. Frown lines may occur between the eyebrows and furrows may crease the forehead.

Bags under the eyes are due to a congestion of the area beneath the lower eyelid, when there are localised problems with the circulation of lymph. They often appear in cases of acute or long-term insomnia. Stress, headaches and fatigue can accentuate the problem.

Plant Remedies

To combat wrinkles

Evening primrose (soft capsules, 500mg). Take 1-2 capsules a day during meals with a glass of water.

Marigold. Apply marigold-based cream daily as directed on the label.

To treat bags under the eyes

Green/black tea. Infuse two sachets of dried leaves in boiling water for 5 minutes, allow to cool and then place one over each eye for 5-10 minutes.

Avoid Over Spending

Running out of money? Try this tips to help you save:

RECORD - Keep track with all the things you have bought for at least two weeks. If you are aware where your money goes then you will be in control with it.

RESIST THE URGE - Postpone buying what you think you want for 48 hours. If you still want it, make your well-thought-out purchase.

Simplify - Figure out a weekly budget that includes only basics like food and transport. Don't buy anything not in your budget for a month to discover what you can do without.

Hope this simple tips can help you save some dime for future more important use.

CS Sports Feast

Today our division celebrated our sports feast. Well, as usual, I didn't got the chance to play the game I am supposed to play. My friends signed me up to play basketball, I hesitated at first, I made a lot of alibis just to escape from that commitment but neither of it worked, they really encourage me to join then I had no choice but to practice before the said event. Yesterday we practiced playing basketball to ready ourselves, I enjoyed it though my body hurts now. I got the chance to make some dribbles and shots again after my p.e. class a year ago. By the time I arrived home I was so tired that I slept soundly and forgot the time. It was 8 am when I woke up. I arrived at school at exactly 9:30 am and the game was over. I feel kinda upset but it's okay, better luck to me next time.