Paint Ball with YFC Ateneo.

I always hear people say that paintball nowadays is one of the most exciting sports to try. Well the most obvious thing to do to prove it is to try it myself. Luckily, my friend Irene, invited me to join her and some of the Youth For Christ (YFC) in Ateneo to go paintball in Matina Town Square or most commonly known as MTS. The game was composed of two batches. The first batch was the boys. While the guys were playing I felt a little nervous, the gun was a little bit heavy and the bullet was hard. When it was our turn to play, I was hit in the head. It hurt a lot, my head was covered by orange paint. After the game, we went to McDo to have our dinner. With that experience I can really tell that paintball is an exciting game to try and it can be addictive too and it is always enjoyable to try new things with new found friends.