Stress Knowledge

All of us suffer from stress, stress from problems at work to pressure from studies and from a break up or divorce. Before we say that we are stressed out, let us know what is stress and its three main classes.

Acute stress is the most common form of stress. It comes from the demands and pressures of the past and the expected demands and pressures of the future. It happens when you find out that you failed an exam or that when you have a brand new baby.

Episodic acute stress. In this form of stress people tend to move from one episode of acute stress to another. Their lives are filled with chaos and crisis. They take on too much, they're always running late, and their homes are filled with clutter. They never seem to slow down, are quick to anger and, not coincidentally, have higher rates of Heart Disease. Some are worrywarts, who see disaster around every corner and who live their lives in a constant state of high anxiety.

Chronic stress is the subtler, prolonged stress-often linked to large life issues-that wears you down every day. It exists in the background of your daily routine. You become so used to it, you don't even know it's there anymore.

When we are confronted with any of this type of stress we should know how to relax our bodies and mind.