Is it really reasonable to take away your own life because of failure in love or relationships? That was the question that bugged me after I heard the news from my friend, that one of her colleagues in mountaineering club was found dead in his apartment. After his girlfriend dumped him, he hanged himself. I was really shocked by the news, I can't imagine someone with the same age as me, will take away his own life because of failure in love. I thought of, how did the parents reacted? What did the girlfriend feel after seeing her dead ex-boyfriend? I really feel so sad for the guy, for the parents and for the girl.

I really feel sorry for the guy because he so young to be madly in love with the girl and besides there are so many girls in the world. But, we can't also blame him. Maybe he was truly in love with the girl. Also I pity the girl who dumped him. She will probably take that in her conscience for the rest of her life that if she did not dumped him, and did not find another guy then maybe he was still alive 'til now. Lastly, I really feel so sorry for the parents of the guy. It is so hard to accept the fact that your son/daughter is gone already and the mere fact that he took away his own life will crash the hearts of every parents.