Virtual Car Shopping

E-business is at its speak nowadays, more and more retailers and consumers are turning to e-shopping. People find it extremely convenient, with just a click they can choose from millions of products available for them--like clothes, jewelries, electronics etc. But buying cars online? "Virtual car shopping" can be a fun thing to do but its a big NO NO for consumers. Cars are fragile and an expensive asset a person can have and buying it needs time, for careful decisions should be made. In buying cars there are many things to consider: the number of seats, number of doors, size, performance, color, style, comfort and sometimes even towing capacity and its also hard to make sure if the engines are good because over the net some things are just too good to be true. Buying it over the net is not convenient, the buyer cannot personally see the product and check its mechanics. Rebates and also incentives are not sure over the net, you will never know if someone over the line is a fraud appraiser. Although looking up over the net will reduce stressful time and frustrations in the part of the buyer, it will just increase the fear of being ripped off or scammed. So buyers will always consider buying cars personally than being tricked online.