Pepsi Max- No Sugar?

While watching TV, I was so amazed with all the sorts of propaganda being made to fed the minds of the viewers during commercial breaks, like TV ads that blatantly exaggerates the characters throwing themselves at the back of a bus and going through a big splash of water, or an actor zipping open his face downwards to reveal another costume, or a man climbing up a mountain of a dirty laundry. But the one that catches my attention the most is the Pepsi Max No Sugar Ad, it's funny but it was blown up. I find it very irrelevant, because what's the connection between a soft drink without sugar content drank by a guy and after threw him off from the top of Ifugao's rice terraces? Well, here's the video for you to see.

Now you see that this is just one of the many funny exaggerations and should not be taken seriously. That parents should always guide their children while watching this kind of advertisements. With so many products on TV clamoring for the attention of consumers, providing excellent service should be a company’s priority instead of investing millions on a less than one minute impertinent ads. After all, a satisfied customer is worth more than few seconds of hype on TV. Quality of the products are still very much important and the integrity of a company relies much on the satisfaction the clients get from their services.