a sentiment

It was just today that I realize am going out of the line.
Time has passed so swiftly that I didn't notice myself falling in love for someone.
Someone whom I thought would fall for me too.
But sadly, it was just a dream.
A dream that I can't hardly grasp, can’t never come into reality.

It started a year ago, when I first met him.
He was just a stranger.
One of my acquaintances
But suddenly, something has happened.
There was this feeling of oddness.
Feeling of happiness whenever I saw him.
Feeling of excitement whenever I knew he was there.

I enjoyed talking to him.
Being with him is a precious time.
I thought he will just be my inspiration.
But then slowly I just found myself thinking of us together.
Sharing the things that we love most.

WRONG because I still belong to someone else.
And HE will always remain to be my precious dream. :(